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Cape Cod Cafe

"My Mom started bringing me here 30 years ago. I always got same thing. Small Greek Salad with Tuna Salad on top. It has always been delicious. I stopped going for about 10 years, but one day I just cr..."

4.7 (50) 979 Main St 02301-6641
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JJ's Caffe

"One of the best restaurants in the North Shore. Their Hash Bomb is the best on the menu. Their priced are very reasonable and they have a wide variety of options. They have unique plates that you wo..."

5 (6) 610 N Main St 02301-2497

Tommy Doyle's Pub & Grill

"Service was fabulous! The manager was also very lovely. The food was average though. Not horrible but not fabulous. Pretty much what you would expect. The only reason it's got four stars was the staff..."

4.7 (3) 327 N Pearl St route 138 Easton, Mass. USA 02301-1162

George's Restaurant

"I love this place very much. It has a unique air. The food is good. the service is efficient and the crew is well trained. The price is reasonable. I highly recommend."

3.8 (50) 228 Belmont St 02301-5151

Georgio's Roast Beef & Pizza

"My husband and I LOVE the food! I've tried a few different things and was never disappointed! BEST roast beef sandwiches around ! Says my husband without a doubt! The service is good! Employees ar..."

3.8 (22) 1041 Pearl St 02301-5400

McMenamy Seafood

"Fresh seafood cooked well. Not soggy or over battered. Had the fried haddock and shrimp platter. The shrimps were huge and there was actually fish under the batter. I say this because some places do f..."

4.6 (50) 810 Belmont St Rt. 123 02301-5603


"An absolutely trans friendly business! The server team was very kind and courteous and came swiftly to my defense when an adjacent table made obvious negative overtures toward me. For my meal I ordere..."

4.5 (37) 540 Westgate Dr 02301-1816
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Frank's Restaurant

"Always get our fried seafood at Clam Box in Quincy, but they're closed for the winter. So when the ol seafood itch struck the first week of January we figured we'd give Frank's a go since they always..."

4.6 (48) 265 N Pearl St 02301-1799

Back Bay Bagel Co

"The BEST Bagels in the entire Greater Boston area. Hands down. Great , quick and courteous staff... such a great spot."

4.8 (48) 1280 Belmont St 02301-4441

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