Tim Hortons

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Carol Baxter
2018-11-15 on google

Friendly people, unless they are out of iced tea. They dont really like to make more if its later in the day.

Emily Burdick
2018-10-15 on google

Great TH south of the Canadian border! Delicious ice coffee and they have plenty of options. Food was hot and made to order. Service was friendly and answered all questions. Coffee was well brewed!

MaryAnn Blair
2018-10-09 on google

Great coffee and donuts

Bonnie Wingler
2018-10-08 on google

Great place to stop on a hit summer day for a light lunch & good coffee!

Nancy Mahoney
2018-09-26 on google

I dont think the food is as good as Dunkin. It tastes stale or that it's been frozen for a long time

Daniel Buckley
2018-09-26 on google

We visit this Tim Horton's every time we visit family in the area. My wife loves everything about it. The only down side is that it can be crowded or have a line at meal times and in the morning before work.

C Coffin
2018-09-18 on google

Great place for a cup of coffee

Aliens Filmz
2018-07-24 on google

Food was ok. They seem to be out of items all the time

Chris M.
2018-07-17 on google

Waited 20 min for a coffee and an ice tea. Got our food quick, drinks not so much.

Oren Shelef
2018-07-16 on google

Got what we needed and that was fine

Xsi Nick
2018-07-08 on google

In an Era where customer service can make or break your business it is unacceptable to have any employee treat customers with rush and disdain. The small girl with glasses and black hair has to be your best employeeshe was so pleasant I feel like to come back, buy more and tell all my friends to stop at your store. The others need training in customer service.

Ingrid Stipa
2018-06-06 on google

The coffee is always good, and the staff very friendly.The pastries are ordinary, donuts, cinnamon rolls, apple crisps. I miss the scones you find in Canadian Tim Hortons.

Paula Bresett
2018-04-06 on google

Nice enjoying meal seafood plater and prime rib excellent

Jim Jones
2018-03-14 on google

Solid breakfast sandwiches.

Tonya. Livingston
2018-03-06 on google

Love these guys

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