Sammy's Donair Falafel

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Farhad Nizamuddin
2018-11-06 on google

Fantastic as always, ordered the classic plate. Fresh and yummy. Excellent customer service

Steph Dudley
2018-10-06 on google

Delicious!! My first donairs!! Super friendly...great little stop to eat..the way it used to be!!

alanna mcdonald
2018-10-01 on google

Best donair!

Cassandra L
2018-08-24 on google

Pretty good donair. Halifax donair was closed so we went here instead. It hit the spot but i still think Halifax is better 🙃

fadil hassan
2018-08-21 on google

The place is very clean friendly staff and tasty food the price is high average

Nuha Rahal
2018-06-25 on google

My favourite place in the world ♡ best donair as always! And the special sauce.. has always been something else .

James Schofield
2018-06-19 on google

Been eating their food for almost 40 years!! Great food. The sauce is amazing.

Rick Phillips
2018-06-17 on google

Great shawarma. Have been there 5times in the last 3weeks, every time food is great. Service is great too. Clean restaurant.

Ian Potter
2018-05-23 on google

I have been going to Sammy's for years. The donairs are always amazing, with good portions and the most irresistible sauce you can think of. Everytime I go, when the food comes my mouth waters uncontrollably. Ten thumbs up. As a bonus, it is a family owned and operated business, so I always try to support those businesses.

Usta Cirak
2018-04-27 on google

I have been coming here for years. The food, prices, and service changed and not for the better. The food is not as fresh anymore, seems the Donair is always dry. The prices went up and the portions are smaller. I don't know how they can justify charging those prices. The service, well, it won't hurt to put a smile on their faces once a while. Seems like they hate being there. Overall, I would still recommend it as it is better than most Donair places around the area.

Kevin Neves
2018-03-27 on google

Best Donaire around hands down

Dave Morgan
2018-03-20 on google

Really like this place. I've been going for years. Was talking to a guy from Halifax that said they were no good, not authentic, and that I had to try Halifax donair. Sammy's is way better in my opinion. I get the combo plate. The extra charge for the hot sauce feels a little nickel and dimey but I pay because I'm addicted. Careful though, it's freaking hot!

Brian B
2018-03-05 on google

"So you like the juice huh?" Yes, and everything else. True donairs with proper sauce. Not just gyro meat with a different presentation. Meat was a bit dry, but had a wonderful taste. Lots of sauce. They wrap it in plastic as well as paper to cut down on the mess.

Holly Anne
2018-02-06 on google

First time there and it was amazing. I've had Donaires before from other places but the sauce and meat here was so much better than the other places I've tried. Definitely will return!

Keelan Muldoobie
2018-01-14 on google

The donair didn’t disappoint. Warning: I ordered mine spicy and the guy warned me it was hot, suggesting I get medium, he wasn’t kidding. I eat extra spicy food all the time and this was no joke. Their “hot” level should be “suicide” but I enjoyed it regardless (the guy did warn me).

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No unfortunately.

I think they may have a new person doing some of the cooking. We were there a few weeks ago. It wasnt the best. It was like little tiny pieces of meat. It was over cooked. Dry as heck. I told him and he didnt seem to care at all. We are going back this week. I hope it is better this time. I have been going there forever never had an issue. So one back day wont stop us from going back. Let yous know if it's better this time.

Yes cash only