Restaurant Banlao

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Nathalie Corneau
2018-11-12 on google

Excellent service ... tasty and delicious meal ... reasonable price .... we love this restaurant;)

Eric Migneault
2018-10-14 on google

Nice thai restaurant with over 50 different plates you can choose.

2018-10-07 on google

Excellent. Great service, fresh and hot food. A +

Francois Dussault
2018-09-18 on google

Choice of several starters and some main dishes dessert and beverages included for around $ 25.00Bulky plates

valerie Destroimaisons Dit Picard
2018-07-25 on google

Very good but you have to be relaxed and in good company, friendly service.

Sebastien Beaulieu
2018-06-07 on google

Very good service, delicious and affordable.

Emie Trottier
2018-06-01 on google

Always a pure pleasure. Pleasant atmosphere and super attentive staff. Best restaurant "Bring Your Own Wine" of the city :)

Nicole St-Hilaire
2018-05-24 on google

Choice and flavor accyeil

Steve Ottavi
2018-04-08 on google

Great tasting little lunch for a reasonable price. 👍

Epiphanie Tankeu
2018-04-05 on google

Great for dinner and good price overall

Jean-Francois Cormier
2018-04-03 on google

Wow ! Great service, great food.

Daniel Donovan
2018-03-19 on google

Very good place a good service...

Josette Gaudet
2017-08-09 on google

Good service good quality and price .. bring your wine ..

Henry Yung
2017-08-06 on google

This is my third Thai/Lao restaurant during my stay in Quebec and by far the best one I had so far. Very wide selection of food to try and very reasonably priced. The spice level can be adjusted on demand. The staff were very welcoming. The food was delicious. I had on a table d'hôte a tom yam soup, chicken stay skewers and a red curry beef.

William Le
2017-08-01 on google

Good service, good food. Affordable prices for week-long lunches

Questions & Answers

Yes no problem as well as beer

There are dishes only with vegetables. But vegan not sure

Yes at good price and excellent !!

It is unique. It's excellent.