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don bryson
2018-11-23 on google

Service so so food was aliright was just gettin a quick bitebefore headin home

Doug Besaw
2018-11-14 on google

Ehhhh...its mickey d's! Cheap fat fast food we all know and most of the time enjoy! Good when nobody can decide what they want for dinner thats about it

David Willis
2018-11-11 on google

Fast service food is good

Greg Stelman
2018-11-09 on google

Food decent service slow inside. The attention was paid to drive thru rather than walk ins. Next time I'll order outside. It will be faster.

Mark Lalonde
2018-10-22 on google

Need something new! Doesn't do to much anymore.

john demeurers
2018-10-14 on google

Three tables were filthy, needed wiping off and we cleaned them. Staff was too busy. WiFi was up, but no internet available, again. Food was good, service fast, but bathrooms were dirty.

Steven Occhino
2018-05-14 on google

Always have a healthy food choices on the menu

Kathy Edmonds
2018-04-06 on google

Soda machine was out of syrup for Dr. Pepper. Nothing particularly remarkable about this visit except they were open.

Steve Stiles
2018-03-18 on google

Was disappointed with my food. Either they can

Paul Middlemiss
2018-02-03 on google

Not bad some of the people that work there are rude but others make up for it it

CGHOST521 125
2018-01-25 on google

A little slow on order time but other than that the food was good, cashier greated me with a smile and was very friendly

Jeff Barratt
2017-10-27 on google

Good service. Staff very friendly and greet you with a smile. We received exactly what we ordered.

Cindy Yawn
2017-10-03 on google

They cook my food special because of my diet restrictions

Mark Youngs
2017-09-26 on google

Not a bad the fast-food stop. Make sure you ask for condiments. in the full menu does change after hours

Kelli Driscoll Giles
2017-09-13 on google

Everyone loves Fast Food (: good selections!

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Still the same. Closes at 1am for sanitization. Reopens at 6 am. Hope this helps.