Larry's Chips

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Roy Hiscock
2018-11-27 on google

Awesome fries and friendly folks welcome you here.

Patrick Perrin-Gervais
2018-11-16 on google

I would rate it more than 3 stars. But I can’t. I could rate it less, but I wouldn’t so that, due to the fact that Larry’s chipstand is my favourite. Although, my order from yesterday was incredibly dissapoiting, and my fault, I should have called them but I didn’t. I ordered myself a large poutine, after I got back home and opened up my bag with our food in it, they put my large poutine, in a medium container, inside a large container. Now I don’t see the reason why thy did that. I didn’t call and make them aware of the issue. But I paid for that large poutine and I got ripped off a little..... which is why you’re not getting 5 stars from me, and I might switch to ribs from now on. Sorry.

2018-11-07 on google

This is by far the most awesome chip stand you can eat at. Everything I have tried there has been delicious. The prices are low, food quality high and the service friendly and fast.

Dave Lanktree
2018-09-03 on google

Best chip stand around

2018-08-01 on google

The picture literally says it all... LOOK AT THAT THING! It was massive. I love that they give an option for cheese curds or shredded. So many options for food, the hotdogs/burgers delicious. If I wasn't so stuffer right now I would be getting seconds!!

Danielle Beauchesne
2018-07-14 on google

Best poutine ever!!!

2018-06-22 on google

Best char burgs in the North!!

Nate Barnett
2018-06-12 on google

Best chip stand I've been to

Alisha Tremblay
2018-03-26 on google

Classic and original Larry's is always my go go for the "Sturgeon Falls Chip Stand Battle". Sorry Riv.

Patrick Paquin
2018-03-12 on google

Awesome poutine and pogos!

Luna Bonita
2018-02-22 on google

My fiance and I love the food here. The staff are friendly and you never have to wait too long to get your food.

monique champagne
2018-02-14 on google

They have the best poutine and pogos . Tride different places and they aren't the same. Been going there since 1994 so that has to say something. Great food

Jenn McLeod
2018-01-05 on google

Their food has always been excellent and so has the service. Have been going to the same Chip Stand for many years.

2017-11-24 on google

Incredible pogo and awesome fries. Love Larry’s.

Alain Gareau
2017-11-18 on google

Best Burgers in town friendly staff and owner's

Questions & Answers


They all closed up this past Sunday for the season. You could try Jocko Point but the big 3 in town are all closed for the winter. Hope you find a good bowl somewhere.

Pretty sure the onion rings are fried in the same oil as the french fries so i would say don't risk it if you're allergic.

They are a chip stand therefore only open in the summer months up until late fall. No catering services provided. Yes its a permanent location.