Ka'aha'aina Cafe

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Brow N
2018-11-10 on google

I couldn't even eat here

2018-10-05 on google

Was mainly there for the viewing take a minute look around

Sandra Norman
2018-08-23 on google

Decent food at good price and good entertainment plus beautiful view. Would have given 5 stars if the cashier hadn't been so snarky.

Geneva Huch
2018-08-14 on google

Nice scenery

Misty Chong
2018-07-17 on google

Great view. Good food. Good portions.

6Alice Boles
2018-06-27 on google

Best food on the West Side

Steve Austin
2018-06-23 on google

The view is to die forBreakfast magnificent (try french toast)

Marcus Wiggins
2018-06-14 on google

Great food moderately priced. Great views to help digest your food.

Annie Ferreira
2018-05-22 on google

Professional and friendly. The food, view and overall atmosphere is perfect for family and/or professional events. I've experienced both.

Francine Miura
2018-04-15 on google

The best place to eat. Food is very delicious, you have to try their bread pudding too, yum. Atmosphere is awesome. Will let family & friends know, definitely.

Donald Timan
2018-04-05 on google

I like the food.. I am a breakfast fan... the view....the atmosphere...the people are nice and very accomidating.... A very comfortable dinner. Local style...mahalos... and hope you are going to be in Maili a long time...

Debbi Fabiani
2018-02-12 on google

A million dollar view from the breakfast/lunch cafe in a medical center & Chef Mark is a wonder in the kitchen!

queen OLIVIA
2018-01-19 on google

Bread pudding is amazing!

Rajkumari Prasad
2018-01-16 on google

Lovely music by Gab and be scenery

Lanina Rogers
2017-10-09 on google

This place is amazing! Staff is friendly. Food is excellent, they have this salad with a brown gravy looking color 👌 it's so yummy. Haven't tried lunch yet but looking forward to it. Everything is clean, dining area, bathrooms, kitchen. Would rate it more if it could.

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