Bruce's Bar & Grill

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Gail Dieckhaus
2018-11-26 on google

Darned good steaks, fun atmosphere.

alan gaydac
2018-10-27 on google

The burger was dripping blood, I had to ask for our side order three times before it was brought. No one ever came back to the table once food was brought to see if we needed anything else

Ben Hill
2018-09-25 on google

The staff was amazing tonight! Food came out quick and tasted delicious. Amber and vanessa were very friendly at the bar. Will be back!

Judy Perez
2018-09-05 on google

One of my favorite places to go eat Rockie Mountain Oysters 😋😋😋

Vickie Cominiello
2018-08-21 on google

Love all the cop presents for the

Chad Myers
2018-07-26 on google

Food took over an hour to get, cups sat empty on table although waitress said she was going to bring a pitcher. Once I expressed politely that we had been waiting, another waitress brought the pitcher and then we finally received our food. After a second reminder of the poor service there was minor improvement. I do understand that we had a larger group, 2 adults and 8 children of varying ages. Bill was $145 and not a word from the wait staff on what they could do to help make it right. Oh by the way I had to ask for the bill. I politely gave the waitress a more than generous tip as I handed her 2 $100’s and told her that, as this was the second time we have received this poor service, we would never be returning to Bruce’s to be treated this poorly.

Mike Lindquist
2018-07-15 on google

I went on Sunday, I got all you can eat Mountain Oysters and they were excellent, probably the best I've had.. They come with fries which were also great. As soon as I was about out of Oysters another basket arrived. Definitely going back for more when I'm in the area, might even make a trip there if I'm not.

Jen Tucker
2018-07-09 on google

Great local spot! Fast service, friendly staff and good menu. One out of 4 burgers was raw but, overall nice place for a meal.

Remington Chapman
2018-06-19 on google

Always has amazing food, great staff, and a good atmosphere. I enjoy getting fish and chips here once in awhile, and it is world renowned for is rocky mountain oysters. A must stop if traveling through the area.

Teresa Croswell
2018-06-14 on google

Go there and eat! A unique wonderful place. Good friendly service. Have never had a disappointing meal.always good! Love this place. Wish I could go there more often

Jacob Saracino
2018-06-14 on google

Had a awesome time on the patio. Food was delicious and the atmosphere was amazing. Had great service from our waitress Stephanie. She was super polite and very willing to help, also always was coming around checking in on us making sure we were all alright. All in all great experience.

Jonathan Liiamaa
2018-05-24 on google

Great food and location. Fun place to meet.

Gary Klein
2018-05-14 on google

Awesome as always. Enjoyed the patio this time..

Kay Ihfe
2018-04-15 on google

They are able to accommodate large parties. The waitresses were fabulous.

Corina Moran
2018-03-18 on google

This place is super out of the way of any major town, but its definitely the best place for rocky mountain oysters by far. They have a selection of oysters that include beef (naturally), lamb, and buffalo. All three were great! My grandmother actually had the chicken strips and said they were great, while my aunt had the fish and chips, which she enjoyed as well. Everyone LOVED the fries. Something that my grandfather and mom had was a red beer I believe? It was a Coors I think but it was red... anyways, they get it everytime and love it. They also have steaks (all beef) and even elk and buffalo burgers! Warning though, minimal (at best) options for vegans and vegetarians, but I mean, welcome to the midwest, you know?

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No I don't know Matt but I had the same thing but she was my first true love and I have always wondered if it would be different if I had stayed with her?

Yes we sell frozen ready to cook

No goose hunting anymore

I Believe its on Fridays

It is expensive

It depends on the night.