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The Best 15 Fast Food, Restaurants in Anaheim, CA, United States

Bengal Barbecue
50 reviews

1313 Disneyland Drive Adventureland 92802, Anaheim

Great skewers here. Although prices are cheaper than other food offerings found in the resort, the portions are pretty s

Corn Dog Castle

1313 Disneyland Drive Paradise Pier 92802, Anaheim

Starbucks - Downtown Disney Store
50 reviews

1570 S Disneyland Dr 92802-2321, Anaheim

Grace is the best! So kind and helpful! When I made a mistake on my mobile order she help me resolve it!

Award Wieners
50 reviews

1313 S Disneyland Dr. Hollywood Land 92802, Anaheim

Spicy hotdogs not even close to spicy; tobasco sauce is twice as hot. Fries okay but cold.It's not Pinks but cost the sa

Alerto's Mexican
40 reviews

1770 S Harbor Blvd 92802-2300, Anaheim

Would certainly recommend trying out this place. Excellent character, delicious dishes, awesome service. Fantastic work.

Farmer Boys
20 reviews

2800 W Lincoln Ave 92801-6211, Anaheim

Great food, a little pricey, and the drive thru is a little slow, but definitely worth it to me.

50 reviews

1770 S Harbor Blvd Suite 136 92802, Anaheim

As far as Subway sandwich shops go, this has to be the tiniest one I've ever visited. They might as well just put a wind

Mint Julep Bar
49 reviews

Disneyland 92802, Anaheim

Sometimes the lines are a little long but it goes very quickly you because the cast members take your order quick and gi

Coffee Town sandwich
5 reviews

1500 S Sunkist St Ste. F 92806-5815, Anaheim

Restaurant is casual in the middle of a strip in an industrial area.The staff was very nice and accommodating. I got an

Jack in the Box
43 reviews

2210 S Harbor Blvd 92802-3517, Anaheim

the food is excellent the employees were excellent the ladies are very nice and polite and I've been coming there for th

El Super

12891 Harbor Blvd 92840-5808, Anaheim

Mendocino Terrace
21 reviews

1313 Disneyland Dr. 1313 S Harbor Blvd 92802, Anaheim


Wetzel's Pretzels
25 reviews

1540 S Disneyland Dr #103 92802-2323, Anaheim

Great spot to make a pit stop if you’re visiting Disney Land. The pretzel with a dog dog in the centre was especi

Sonic Drive-In
50 reviews

1632 Lemon Street 92801, Anaheim

The food at Sonic is very very mediocre for fast food. The ideas and concepts are great but when it comes to taste it's