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The Best 15 Fast Food, Restaurants in Taito, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Coco Ichibanya Okachimachi Kasuga-Dori

4-28-7 Taito Hamamatsu Bldg. 1F 110-0016, Taito

Mister Donut Asakusa Shop
49 reviews

1-7-16 Nishi Asakusa 111-0035, Taito

The mochi donuts are delicious and unique. The sa ory pasties are also good, they are made with puff pastry. The staff w

Ramen Land Asakusa Oomon

4-35-4 Senzoku 111-0031, Taito

McDonald's Uguisudani North Entrance
50 reviews

1-6-6 Negishi 110-0003, Taito

It is an ordinary McDonald's.McDonald's was a thankful facility for smokers, but recently it looks like a strategy to me

McDonald's Kuramae Ekimae
50 reviews

2-6-6 Kuramae 111-0051, Taito

The seats on the second floor are always crowded. Especially in the evening. There are toilets and wifi, so salaried wor


6-16-17 Ueno, Taito

Banh Mi Xin Chao Cafe Asakusa
20 reviews

2-1-13 Kaminarimon Kaminarimon Bldg. 2F 111-0034, Taito

The river view is the best in a spacious and calm shop.Vietnamese coffee contains condensed milkRecommended by all means

Freshness Burger Higashi Ueno
43 reviews

1-11-13 Higashiueno 110-0015, Taito

There are few overall seats, but there are non-smoking and smoking seats. Smoke is separated at the door.

McDonald's Minowa
37 reviews

1-28-12 Minowa 110-0011, Taito

There are people of all ages, from children to adults. There are many families in the daytime on Saturdays and Sundays,

Mister Donut TobuAsakusa
50 reviews

1-33-10 Asakusa 111-0032, Taito

Try the old.fashioned honey dipped!

Mos Burger Asakusa
44 reviews

1-10-2 Hanakawado 111-0033, Taito

Normal b7rger place nothing special.

Yoshinoya Kuramaebashi Dori Torigoe
50 reviews

1-37-7 Taito 110-0016, Taito

5/24 22: 53 It took about 2 minutes for cold to appear after visiting. Even though there are two other clerks. I ordered

Marion Crepes Ueno Ameyoko
37 reviews

4-10-6 Ueno Daiichi Ishii Bldg. 1F 110-0005, Taito

It is good to eat two people with one delicious

McDonald's Inaricho Ekimae

3-33-11 Higashiueno 110-0015, Taito

The Burger Craft

3-17-3 Asakusa 111-0032, Taito

Coco Ichibanya Okachimachi Showa-Dori
37 reviews

5-15-17 Ueno Towa Bldg.1F 110-0005, Taito

I'm American, so our curry isn't as good. This place blew my mind. I miss it already.

Yoshinoya Ueno Station
25 reviews

7-3-2 Ueno GE Ueno Station Building 110-0005, Taito

Nice and clean Station.

Burger King Asakusa Azumabashi
44 reviews

2-20-6 Kaminarimon Cross Bldg. Royal Palace 111-0034, Taito

Convenient location by Asakusa Station and a short walk from Kaminarimon. The guy at the register spoke basic English an

Sakura Cafe Asakusa

2-24-2 Asakusa Sakura Cafe Asakusa 111-0032, Taito